With over 15 years of experience, the umasoldev software house develops the best software for commerce and industry, with the most modern technologies. On request we offer IT consultancy, we offer SEO services for indexing the contents of your websites to improve the position in the results of the main search engines. Pentest network and service analyzes are performed to verify if a network is protected and secure.

Software Desktop

umasoldev, Desktop Software development, for commerce and industry technologies indexing the contents of your websites search engines, network analysis and pentest services, cybersecurity

We develop software for desktop personal computers with Windows or Linux operating systems, for industry and commerce or any other need.


UMASODLEP, mobile web app for tablet smartphones, Android iOS Apple iphone ipad

We create web applications compatible with modern tablets and smartphones, with Android or iOs operating system, we have always created websites that are updated and compliant with the latest standards.